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The new home builders at D & K Construction Ltd are dedicated to constructing customers’ dream builds from scratch. From help with planning permission, excavation and groundworks to full construction and the final finishes, we cover all aspects of new builds with full project management. We ensure each stage is finished to the highest standards and meets your specifications.

Please read our testimonials to see what previous clients have said about the private new builds we have constructed in Oldham and the surrounding areas. You can also call us to discuss the other building services we offer, such as home extensions, to expand and improve existing houses.

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New Home Builds

Our company tailors our services to create each client’s ideal home. We will work closely with you from the concept to the completion of your projects and keep your needs and wants at the forefront of all new builds.

Our new home builders cover all aspects of new builds, including:

  • Planning Permission Help

  • Project Management

  • Architectural and Structural Plans

  • Excavation and Groundworks

  • Electricals, Plumbing and Heating

  • Remedial, Site and Underground Work

  • Full Timber Frame Installations

  • Wall Construction and Brickwork

  • Finishing Work


Reasons to Construct New Builds

There are many reasons to construct your new home from scratch, including:

  • Bespoke to Your Needs and Wants

  • High Safety Standards

  • Latest Technology

Bespoke to Your Needs and Wants

When building a new house, you choose where you build, the floorplan and the design to meet your personal tastes and budget. You have full control over the shape and size of your build, the colour schemes, appliances, fixtures and finishes. We can offer expert advice to help you achieve your perfect building.

High Safety Standards

At D & K Construction Ltd, our new home builders construct houses according to the latest Building Regulations and codes to ensure they are safe and structurally sound. We use the best methods and materials for each project, and all team members are fully trained to achieve the highest safety standards.

Latest Technology

Integrated technology is a great benefit of building your home from scratch. You can fit the latest audio systems and smart appliances to create a fully optimised property. Our team are happy to advise on all appliances and features we can install to ensure your home functions exactly how you want.

We cater to all requirements, offer honest advice and bespoke services to create custom new builds in Oldham and all surrounding areas.

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